The ORIGINAL Ethereum Dollar Bill / Ethereum ETH Paper Wallet


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This Ethereum Paper Wallet is the perfect, no-hassle, SECURE way to give cryptocurrency to your friends or family. No more downloading apps. No more explaining confusing concepts. Designed to look like the US Dollar Bill, simply load the public address with ETH and give this just like you would give cash, and it’s ready to use! Perfect for tipping people, crypto newcomers, and crypto enthusiasts alike.

For those that are new to the cryptocurrency space, a paper wallet is a way to load cryptocurrency onto a physical piece of paper, which can be used to send and receive tokens using the provided public and private keys.

Each unique bill is serialized and invokes design elements found on newer US currency, including:

– “ETH” microprinting on both sides
– Photorealistic outer edge
– Mock signature of Vitalk Buterin (Ethereum Creator & Co-Founder)
– Mock signature of Dr. David Wood (Ethereum Co-Founder)
– All-seeing Ether graphic on the reverse
– Decentralized computing graphic on the reverse
– Realistic fonts used throughout
– Replacing the presidential portrait is the iconic, official Bitcoin logo.
– For your security, there is a holographic scratch-off sticker covering the private key QR code.

I guarantee the deletion of your private key once your order is sent – so that only you will have access to the funds.

I have over 6 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space that I have applied in designing these. Included is a comprehensive set of instructions which explain how to use the paper wallet if you would like to move your ETH. Additionally, if you would like to provide me with a public/private key combination to be used on your order, we can work with that! Please just make sure that you send it securely, preferably encrypted with PGP. We can exchange PGP keys through private message, if you would like to use this option.

Dimensions are the same as a US Dollar Bill: 6.14″ x 2.61″

The mock signatures used are for commemorative purposes only and are in now way meant to imitate the actual signatures of those involved in developing these projects.


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