Our Products

Beautiful Designs

All of our graphics are designed in-house, with well over 100 hours being spent on the bill template alone! Each unique, serialized bill has commemorative graphics specific to each project. Want to see something else, or another crypto currency? Contact us for a custom order!

Easy to Use

All of our products come with a comprehensive set of instructions detailing how to use your magic internet money. No more downloading apps. No more explaining confusing concepts. No more transaction fees for transferring crypto in person. It’s the way crypto was really meant to be.

Security First

All of our keypair creation is done offline, using open-source tools that are available to everyone. Your private key is kept safe by a beautiful and functional holographic scratch-off sticker. All files relevant to the creation of your wallet are destroyed using a 50-pass shred immediately after physical production.

Want to save yourself from transaction fees and blockchain analysis? Transact off-chain! Simply hand someone a CryptoBill, and you have transferred custody of the funds instantly.

What does it mean to "shred" a file? Can't you just empty the trash?

"shred is a Unix command that can be used to securely delete files and devices so that it is extremely difficult to recover them, even with specialized hardware and technology; assuming it’s even possible to recover the file at all. It is a part of GNU Core Utilities.” – Wikipedia