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Do these have cryptocurrency pre-loaded on them?

Due to terrible government regulations, we cannot offer preloaded bills at this time. However, you are free to load your own CryptoBill with as much cryptocurrency as you would like, and if you got a CryptoBill as a gift then it is likely that somebody else has loaded it for you. If we receive enough support for a pre-loaded product, we will pursue compliance and all of the necessary licenses. 

Shouldn't I just make my own paper wallet?

Sure! We encourage everybody to take their own financial soverignty and secuity seriously. Your paper wallet sure won’t look or feel like a CryptoBill, and you need to ensure that you check the source code of the wallet generator software and run it in an entirely offline environment for optimum secuity 🙂

How do I check my wallet balance?

Depending on the cryptocurrency that your CryptoBill suports, simply scan the “public key” QR code with a smartphone. Then, for example, search for “Bitcoin block explorer” in a search engine. Then, paste the publiic key into the block explorer and search. 

Help! I destroyed my private key. Can you help me recover it?

We are so sorry to hear that! Fortunately for your security, the files that contain the QR codes are destroyed using a 50-pass shred function immediately after the CryptoBills have entered physical production. This ensures that only you ever have access to your funds. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you recover a destroyed private key due to this fact.