The Original Crypto Dollar Bill

Inspired designs that make cryptocurrency safe, fun and easy to use.

Who we are

The new standard in paper wallets

The process of creating a crypto paper wallet is one that many users never take the time to learn. The designs are unattractive, the instructions are vague, and even still a user must download, check the source code, and run it offline. Not anymore! We do all of that for you using an air-gapped system, laser printed onto high quality paper stock, packed into a fun, familiar form factor.

Beautiful Designs

All of our graphics are designed in-house, with well over 100 hours being spent on the bill template alone! Each unique, serialized bill has commemorative graphics specific to each project. Want to see something else, or another crypto currency? Contact us for a custom order!

Easy to Use

All of our products come with a comprehensive set of instructions detailing how to use your magic internet money. No more downloading apps. No more explaining confusing concepts. No more transaction fees for transferring crypto in person. It’s the way crypto was really meant to be.

Security First

All of our keypair creation is done offline, using open-source tools that are available to everyone. Your private key is kept safe by a beautiful and functional holographic scratch-off sticker. All files relevant to the creation of your wallet are destroyed using a 50-pass shred immediately after physical production.

The future of cryptocurrency is…not water resistant and vulnerable to backdoors? Not if we have anything to say about it! CryptoBills are water resistant from the start due to the use of high-quality laser printing. Our keypair generation is done entirely offline and the files are securely shredded after physical production, so nobody but you has access to your funds. 

Our Vision

Why the CryptoBill?

We come from very humble beginnings. We always wanted to give cryptocurrency to our friends and family around the holidays, but found that most paper wallet designs available on the internet are either 1) unappealing to the eye 2) require assembly and/or technical knowledge, or 3) are a disastrous combination of the two. Not our CryptoBills.

CryptoBills are ready to use once you receive them, and always include a comprehensive set of instructions that details everything from checking your balance to sweeping your private key into a mobile app. Instructions are custom-tailored to each specific token, and are available via the instructions QR code sent with every order – or right here, on our website.

Partners in Innovation

Business Design Services


Want to show customers that you are on the forefront of the crypto revolution? Our professional design service will help you build paper wallet functionality into any kind of unique physical media. Whether it’s a custom-designed CryptoBill for your ICO project, a business card with a paper wallet built in, or consultation on your project, we are here to help. 



Crypto never sleeps

Questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us via a Form Submission and we will respond promptly. 

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